The logo of the college symbolises its goal and vision.  An earthen lamp is lighted inside a half circle with a base bar on which‘Tamasho Ma Jyotirgomoi’ (lead me from darkness to light) has been written. The lamp symbolises the light of knowledge.

We envision to develop the college into a centre of excellence adding value to education with dedication to nurture the students and transform them into employable persons and good citizens of the nation.

The goals and the objectives of the college are as follows:

  • To impart quality higher education to the society
  • To develop human resource in such a way so that they can participate in the nation building process.
  • To bring social change in desired way by using education as a tool for change.
  • To provide employability to the youths through vocational and employment oriented courses.
  • To inculcate the sense of good citizenship among the youths.
  • To bring this institution of higher education closer to the community with the help of various extension educational activities.
  • To elevate the college to a centre of excellence.